HSM 2003 SV35
HSM 2003 SV35Multimix High Shear Lab MixerLab Mixer with anti-slip rubber feets

Lab High Shear Mixer – HSM 2003 SV/DV

The new Multimix® high shear lab mixer or sometimes known as laboratory homogenizer mixer – HSM2003 with patented “V” design rotor and stator (or commonly called homogenizing workhead) produces creamy emulsion in speed you’ve never seen before. Just perfect for your daily high shear mixing needs.

Available in single or double vortex design for those seeking greater vortex flow.

Can function as laboratory stirrer / laboratory agitator with high flow mixer attachment.

Multimix High Shear Mixer – HSM 2003 Brochure

For ultra small scale mixing, the high shear mixer is available in 0.5HP (HSM2003SV25) .

For capacity more than 12L, the high shear mixer is available in 1HP (HSM2103) , 2HP (HSM2203) , production scale (Batch High Shear Mixer Series) and explosion-proof variant.



  • Elimination of ‘fish eye’ which is undesirable for quality product perception
  • Production of fine emulsions within minutes compared to conventional mixers
  • Cost savings in terms of process efficiency, electricity and manpower
  • Ease of use with electrical lifting for mixer workhead
  • Versatility with interchangeable attachments for mixing, dispersing and milling



  • Cosmetic purposes e.g. face gel, moisturizer, lotion, hand cream, serum, emulsion, sunscreen, lipstick .
  • Food and beverage e.g.  ice cream, condensed milk .
  • Cleaning detergent
  • Chemicals involving emulsion

Multimix Lab High Shear Mixer HSM 2003SV – Product Video


Product Specifications

Motor 1/2HP Compact AC Motor in Aluminum Housing
Power Supply Single phase, 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Mixing Impeller  High shearing rotor/stator  with patented “V” Design:

  • SINGLE  Vortex – 35mm
  • DOUBLE Vortex –  40mm
Speed Electronic variable speed inverter 0-6000 rpm
Material SS 316L wetted parts
Mixing Capacity 0.5 -12 liter (H2O)
Lifting by manual / electrical lifting (NEW!!!)


High Shear Mixer – Upgraded design with lifting !

high shear lab mixer with lifting


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