HSM 2003 SV25
Multimix High Shear Mixer – HSM2003SV25

Lab High Shear Mixer / Homogenizer – HSM 2003 SV25

The new Multimix® high shear mixer HSM2003SV25 has extra slim homogenizer workhead with single vortex designed to fit perfectly into a 100ml glass beaker, ideal for extra small scale lab work or light high shear mixing needs.

Multimix HSM 2003SV25 Brochure


  • Elimination of ‘fish eye’ which is undesirable for quality product perception
  • Production of fine emulsions within minutes compared to conventional mixers
  • Cost savings in terms of process efficiency, electricity and manpower
  • Ease of use with electrical lifting for mixer workhead
  • Versatility with interchangeable attachments for mixing, dispersing and milling


How to make coffee emulsion/dalgona with Multimix Lab High Shear Mixer HSM2003SV25?


How to make mayonnaise with Multimix Lab High Shear Mixer HSM2003SV25?


Product Specifications

Power 1/2HP Compact AC Motor in Aluminum Housing
Drive Single phase, 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Digital Inverter Sensor less Vector Control
Speed Electronic variable speed inverter 0-6000 rpm
Material SS 316L wetted parts
Mixing Capacity 50ml to 500ml
Lifting by manual/ electrical lifting (NEW!!!)
Impeller Rotor/Stator “V” Design, Single Vortex 25mm
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