Multimix DSM Vacuum Mixer with Inline High Shear Mixing System
Multimix DSM Vacuum Mixer – Paddle typeMultimix DSM High Speed Disperser

DSM Vacuum Mixing Tank | Inline Mixer

The Multimix DSM vacuum mixing tank with its superior dual counter-rotating impeller system can be combined with our Inline High Shear Mixer for a comprehensive vacuum mixing system to cover most of the mixing applications needs in all industries.

Multimix DSM Vacuum Inline High Shear Mixing System Brochure



  • Complete vacuum mixing system with heating/cooling (all-in-one)
  • Fine emulsions less than one micron particle size
  • Elimination of air bubbles “fish-eye” and agglomerates problem
  • Elimination of “dust” pollution with vacuum material transfer
  • Homogenous mix with dual counter-rotating mixing impellers
  • Outstanding shearing performance with multi-stages inline high shear mixer
  • Outstanding stability and homogeneity.
  • Low raw material losses with no dead mixing spots
  • Easy for cleaning and GMP compliant


DSM Vacuum Mixing Tank Portfolio

Power supply Three phase, 380V/415V, 50/60Hz
Design Dual counter-rotating impeller system
Mixing Capacity 25 – 20,000 Litres
Material SS 316L/SS 304 wetted parts
DSM Models
  • DSM Paddle (High Viscosity Mixer)
  • DSM High Speed Disperser
  • Fixed tank
  • Lifting with hydraulic/penumatic


Inline Mixer (Powder liquid mixer) Specification

Power Supply Three phase, 380V/415V, 50/60Hz
Speed 0 – 3000rpm
Mixing Impeller Slotted 3 to 4 stages rotor/stator
Material SS 316L wetted parts
Design Side / bottom entry to DSM vacuum mixing tank



Jacketed Vacuum Mixing Tank Specification

Configuration Dish top &  bottom
Material SS 316L/SS 304 wetted parts
Jacketed Double wall for heating and cooling
Insulation Material Mineral wool/Rockwool
Heating Medium hot water, steam or thermal oil
Vacuum pressure -0.8bar
Vessel Base Static / Mobile with castor wheels


Optional Features

Touch screen/PLC panel control
Vacuum pump
Explosion proof motor
Ex-proof remote control station
Digital countdown timer
Stainless steel hopper (25,50,100 Litres)
Cleaning in place (CIP) design
Weighing system
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