Multimix Laboratory Vacuum Mixer – DSM High Shear Mixer
Multimix Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer – DSM High Shear Mixer with pneumatic liftingMultimix DSM Lab – homogenizer workhead for emulsion

Multimix Laboratory Vacuum Mixer | DSM Lab

The Multimix® Lab DSM Series is a premium lab scale vacuum disperser and homogenizer with dual counter-rotating mixing impeller systems in concentric shaft design.

The anchor mixer is equipped with Teflon scrapers in order to remove materials from inner side of vessel and at the same time pushes the mixture back into the center where high speed dispersing or high shearing action takes place.

Multimix Premium Laboratory Vacuum Mixer – DSM Lab Brochure

For 25L capacity and above, please refer to DSM Vacuum Mixer Series here (production scale).


  • Elimination of air bubbles, lumps or agglomerates problem
  • Stable emulsion and consistency of product
  • Same mixer for high shear vacuum dispersion and emulsion processes
  • User-friendly design with pneumatic lifting (vessel lid) and touch screen
  • No need to move vessel in and out heating room with jacketed vessel

Multimix Premium Laboratory Vacuum Mixer – DSM LAB  Specification

Mixing Capacity 5 ,10 ,  25 liter (H20)
Power Supply Three phase, 380V/415V, 50/60Hz
DSM Lab Models
  • DSM Paddle Mixer
  • DSM High Speed Disperser
  • DSM High Shear Mixer
Speed Electronic variable speed inverter 0-3000rpm
Material SS 316L wetted parts
Jacketed Double wall for indirect heating/cooling
Vacuum pressure -0.8bar
  • Vacuum vessel with sight glass,  discharge valve
  • Tilting system
  • Pneumatic hand lever for lid lifting
  • Safety release valve (if jacketed)
  • Panel control with frequency inverter
  • Vacuum gauge


Multimix Laboratory Vacuum Mixer - DSM Lab

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