Multimix Vacuum High Torque Mixer with vacuum pump (10L)
Anchor Mixer with Teflon scrapers to scrap the edge of vesselAnchor and Paddle Mixer with Teflon ScrapersMultimix Vacuum High Torque Mixer

Multimix Laboratory Vacuum High Torque Mixer – VHTM2108

Experience the revolutionary Multimix® laboratory vacuum high torque  mixer – VHTM 2108 specially designed for small scale and highly viscous mixing under vacuum condition.

Its helical geared motor design enables durable mixing times perfect for slow reaction mixing without overheating compared to conventional ones and vacuum condition helps to eliminate air bubbles during mixing.

Multimix Laboratory Vacuum Mixer – VM2108 Brochure


  • Elimination of air bubbles, lumps or agglomerates problem
  • No dust pollution by transferring powder via vacuum
  • Minimal wastage since powder is sucked completely by vacuum
  • Fast and hassle-free exchange of anchor mixer to high flow mixer
  • Versatile for high torque mixing and also high flow mixing
  • Flexible mixing capacity from 5-10 Litres using same mixer
  • Cost savings in terms of process efficiency, electricity and manpower
  • Ease of use with electrical lifting for mixer workhead
  • Easy to clean Teflon scrapers and assemble with fast release design


Multimix Laboratory Vacuum High Torque Mixer – VHTM2108 Product Video


Product Specifications

Motor 1HP Compact AC Helical Geared Motor in Aluminum Housing
Power Supply Single phase, 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Mixing Impeller
  • Anchor Mixer with Teflon Scraper
  • Paddle Mixer
  • High Flow Mixer / Disperser Blade : 43mm, 63mm, 83mm
Speed Electronic variable speed inverter 0-100 rpm
Material SS 316L wetted parts
Mixing Capacity 10 liter (H20)
Machine Base Corrosion resistant aluminium base with height-adjustable non-slip rubber feet
  • Vacuum vessel with sight glass, hopper,vacuum outlet, discharge valve, vacuum inlet, vacuum gauge
  • Panel control with frequency inverter


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