Multimix lab disperser – Ekomix 2403Multimix lab disperser – Ekomix 2403 with electrical lifting – NEW design !

Lab Disperser | Stirer | Agitator – EKOMIX 2403

The new Multimix® benchtop high speed lab disperser – Ekomix 2403 comes in extra slim and compact design, ideal for laboratory with space constraints and thus perfect for small scale high shear dispersing needs. It can function also as lab stirrer or lab agitator simply with a change of mixing attachments (see brochure below).

Multimix High Speed Lab Disperser – Ekomix 2403 Brochure

For capacity more than 12L, available also in 1HP, 2HP (HSD2103/HSD2203) , 3HP (HSD2303) and explosion-proof variant.


  • Production of fine dispersions within minutes compared to conventional mixers
  • Cost savings in terms of process efficiency, electricity and manpower
  • Ease of use with electrical lifting for mixer workhead
  • Versatility with interchangeable attachments for mixing, emulsifying and milling
  • Ease of adjusting mixer height with electrical lifting



  • Bitumen
  • Resin
  • Paint

Benchtop High Speed Lab Disperser | Stirrer | Agitator – Ekomix 2403 – Product Video

Product Specifications

Motor 1/2HP Compact AC Motor in Aluminum Housing
Power Supply Single phase, 110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Mixing Impeller Disperser blade  43mm
Speed Electronic variable speed inverter 0-6000 rpm
Material SS 316L wetted parts
Mixing Capacity up to 12 liter (H2O)
Lifting by manual / electrical lifting (NEW design !!! )



The Multimix Ekomix 2403 comes with a wide range of dissolver blade (a.k.a Cowles Blade) diameter which should be proportional to the vessel diameter size used. Using the correct disperser blade size, a strong vortex will be generated which will in turn disperse any powder in the liquid effectively at a high tip speed at max.6000rpm.


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