Vacuum Planetary Mixers

Multimix Heavy Duty Planetary Mixer (PM) is specially designed for Mixing and Dispersing of materials having very high viscosity or basically without any flow up to 2 million cps. It is basically designed for products which is having difficult flow rate or no flow at all. The applications are mainly for construction related products such as epoxy , polyurethanes, polysulfide, rubber cements and silicone sealants. Chemicals based products such as ceramics, electrodes, battery pastes, precious metals, ferrite compounds, tungsten carbine, insulators, rubber additives and brake lining.

Main Features
– Vacuum/pressure operations to eliminate bubbles in the products
– Powder transferring system to eliminate dust and contamination problem
– Jacketed vessel for cooling/heating
– Teflon scrapper for vessel wall and bottom
– Dual paddles and high speed disperser (HSD)
– Variable speed control
– Safety limit switch
– Hydraulic lifting
– Fast mixing and homogeneous products
– Changeable mobile vessel
– Spray ball for easy cleaning
– Combination with Multimix Press System for easy discharge purpose
– Eliminate solvent evaporation

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