Inline Vacuum Mixers

Multimix Inline Vacuum Mixer (IVM) is designed for process under vacuum with a combination of an anchor mixer and a paddle mixer with an inline high shear mixer. The anchor and paddle mixers which are counter rotating at opposite direction provides a homogeneous product and it is very suitable for process which requires high torque mixing or products having very high viscosity up to 1 million cps. At the same time, the inline HSM provides a fine emulsion of less than 1 micron as well as eliminating any fish eye due to incorporating of solid powder such as calcium carbonate Ca2Co3, or difficult gum powder such as carbopol (CMC).

Main Features
– Strong torque mixing
– Suitable for high viscous materials
– Emulsion with less than 1 micron
– Counter rotating anchor and paddle mixer
– Provide a outstanding stability and homogeneous product
– Provide a well dispersed product without fish eye
– Reduction of batch mixing time

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