Inline Homogenizer

Multimix Inline Homogenizer or sometimes known as powder liquid mixer is a versatile and multipurpose mobile high shear mixer designed for the production of fine emulsion and fine dispersion. The machine can be delivered with a mobile stainless steel trolley which makes it very mobile and a stainless steel hopper and fittings. Available flow rates are up to 180,000 liters per hour. At the core of the inline homogenizer lies a precision engineered “slotted” stator and rotor, designed in double stage up to a maximum four stages which disperses powder into liquid effectively within minutes, creating stable emulsion without separation.

Main Features
– Fine emulsion less than 1 micron particle size
– Fine dispersion without “fish eye”
– Flexible capacity ranging as small as 25 liter up to 20,000 liter in a single machine
– Reduction of batch processing time
– Outstanding stability and homogeneity
– Reduction of investment costs

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