High Torque Mixer

The High Torque Mixer (HTM) is specially designed for slow reaction mixing applications in the laboratory and come with a quad paddle impeller as standard. The HTM is widely used to meet extreme high torque mixing requirements such as production of high viscosity fluids such as toothpaste, peanut butter, chewing gum, putties etc. It is also widely used in any kind of high viscosity mixing in which the end product viscosity lies up to 1 million centipoise .

At the core of each HTM unit lies the quad paddle mixing impeller which is key in effective laminar mixing without generating high amount of heat for homogenous and even blending. The unit can be converted easily also for mixing, dispersing, high shear mixer and milling applications with interchangeable attachments using hand.

Main Advantages
– Homogenous laminar mixing of high viscosity fluids
– Slow reaction mixing for long time
– Geared motor for high torque mixing
– Can be used under vacuum condition with jacketed/non-jacketed vessel
– Interchangeable impellers also for mixing, dispersing, emulsifying and milling applications.

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