Batch High Shear Mixers

Multimix Batch High Shear Mixers is designed for high shear mixing application of emulsion of oil and water phase in order to produce a homogeneous emulsion without separation. It is also widely used for dispersion process especially when gum such as carbopol is incorporated in order to eliminate agglomeration problem due to “fish eye”.

Key Benefits
– Flexibility and convenience of using a single mixer for multiple batches/vessels
– Homogenous emulsion and dispersion without fish-eye and agglomerates problems
– Motorized lifting enables usage with your existing vessel/tank height
– Wide capacity ranging from 50 Litres up to 5000 Litres
– Maximum shearing force with patented ‘V’ type rotor/stator design
– Stronger and faster vortex flow with double vortex stator and surface propellers
– Stable emulsions and suspensions
– Interchangeable impellers with modular design allows for easy cleaning
– Stable shearing even at high speed

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