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about multimix

CKL Multimix was established in 1996 and today Multimix is a leading industrial mixer manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia. We are also market leader in the vacuum mixing technology and machinery, specialized in incorporating vacuum technology with various mixing principles namely: Mixing, Dispersing, Emulsifying & Milling.

Our mixers portfolio are wide-ranging from such lab-scale mixers such as Laboratory Homogenizer, Lab Stirrer and Laboratory vacuum mixer to production-scale mixers such as Vacuum Mixing Tank, High Shear Mixer, In-Line Homogenizer, Batch Mixer, Powder Mixer, Powder Liquid Mixer, Fluid Mixer (IBC Mixer) and High Speed Disperser.

The main strength of Multimix is to provide a simple, practical, cost efficiency and versatile knowledge in the various mixing and processing applications. Multimix has developed revolutionary processing know-hows in the production of emulsions & dispersions. Today Multimix is able to produce fine emulsion at Nano particle size and fine dispersion without "fish eye" which are two important components in any mixing process.

Multimix has developed patented "Vee" type of rotor/stator. The stator has a special Vee­shaped slots cut in the circular rim which provide longest cutting or shearing edge to the mixing fluid in operation. The rotor also is having Vee­ shaped provide extra scope force to the mixing fluid in operation. Therefore, Multimix unique design of rotor/stator provides both higher shear force and higher flow rate. There criteria are important when particle reduction and flowing are considered.

Multimix today has developed and provide a "Total Solution" to the processing applications. Multimix is able to reduce production time and enhance productivity, improve product's quality by introducing new ways of processing methods.

Conventionally, in the production of toothpaste industry which requires 4 to 5 hours of production time, Multimix is able to produce maximum 1 to 1.5 hours only, which tremendously reduce the production time, at the same time improve the product's quality and finishing.

In the production of any kind of emulsion, Multimix developed the new method of producing emulsion at Nano particle size, which guarantee "No Separation" of the emulsion, at the same time, reduce the production time and improve the quality of the emulsion, namely in the production of cream and lotions, mayonnaise, silicone emulsion, margarine, yogurt, cheese, flavor emulsion. Palm oleo related group namely Sime Darby, Mewah and Sinar Masa are some of the customers currently using Multimix machines.

Multimix has also developed new method of heavy duty with vacuum operation for construction and building materials such as sealants, floorings, adhesives, etc. Multinational company such as BASF, Flowcrete, Elantas(BYK), Mapei are the few customers of CKL Multimix.

Multimix has a strong market share in Malaysia in the production of latex compound which is widely used in the rubber glove and condom industry. Multimix has developed a simple and efficient technology for the production of water based additives, flame retardants dispersions, Tio2 & Ca2co3 dispersion as well as polymer emulsion.

Multimix has introduced new method in the production of pesticide and bio chemicals such as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides in which the powders are being transferred by vacuum process and dispersed with multi stages rotor/stators. As result, production time has been reduced tremendously with fine dispersions.

Today, Multimix is able to offer a complete full range of mixer machines ranging from the laboratory to the production machinery. From Malaysia, Multimix is sold to many countries particularly in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Northern & Centre America.

Multimix is proud to be considered the very first Asian based manufacturer of mixing machinery manufacturer competing with giant makers from the Europe & America. CKL Multimix is aware of the new challenges and new requirements by the customers, therefore, Multimix will keep on improving our mixer’s quality in terms of features and outlook as well as developing new technology and new method of applications.